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1920s Flapper

21 Mar

Last Friday we went shopping in Logan. While there, I stopped at the DownEast Home and Clothing store so I could get one of their new Lace Tees. I was disappointed at first because they had sold out of the size and color that I was wanting. I decided I would continue to look around just in case I found something else I might want.

Vintage Lace Skirt - $38.99 - DownEast Basics

 Well, I ended up finding something I loooved… even more than the lace tee that I originally went there to buy. I love 1920s fashion and I saw this skirt and it reminded me of the 1920s flapper. When we got home, I had to look at my DownEast catalogs because I couldn’t remember seeing it before. This 1920s flapper skirt is actually from DownEast Basic’s 2010 Holiday line. I can’t believe I missed it.

I can’t wait till I get to wear it. I think I might have to find a top and gray shoes to go with it. I haven’t found anything in my closet that I really like with it yet.

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