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Cooking Rice Tip

19 Apr

Whenever I cook rice, I always refer to my Centsible Meals book. I think I am just a little obsessive compulsive. Rice is simple to make, but you want to make sure that you get your measurements just right. Too much water and the rice will be soupy, not enough and it will burn. I recommend giving brown rice a try instead of white. Brown rice has fiber so it is much healthier for you then white rice is.

Here are the directions for cooking rice from Centsible Meals: “Rice requires a 1:2 ratio with water. For example, one cup of rice needs to cook in two cups of water. You can feed one person with 1/3 cup of uncooked rice. Combine rice and water in a covered pot. Cook over high heat until boiling and then reduce heat to low. Simmer 20 minutes for white rice and 45 minutes for brown rice.”

Centsible Meals – Feed Your Family For Less


Chicken Tip

12 Apr

When your making a recipe that calls for shredded or diced chicken, cook extra chicken. Then put the extra shredded or diced chicken in a freezer zip top bag and label and date it. This will save you a lot of time on a busy night when your making a recipe that calls for shredded or diced chicken.

Frozen French Bread

23 Mar

A whole loaf of french bread is way too much for my family to eat at one dinner. So when I make french bread, I cut the loaves in half and put each half in separate freezer bags and label them “French Bread” with the date. I then save them for another day when I want to have french bread with our dinner. I just have to thaw out one of my 1/2 loaves of frozen french bread and it’s ready to go. It’s also healthier since there are no added preservatives.

Frozen Corn Muffins

10 Mar

I freeze the extra Corn Muffins or make extra and freeze them in a freezer bag. This helps to make a quick dinner on busy nights.

Frozen Cookie Dough

24 Feb

I like to freeze half my cookie dough in a freezer bag when we make cookies. This allows us to easily have cookies again another day. Plus, we’re not eating more cookies then we need to at one time.

Minced Veggies

10 Feb

I like to mince veggies such as onions very small using my hand chopper. This makes them less noticeable for my kids making them more likely to eat them. I got my hand chopper from the Pampered Chef but they are also available at Walmart for very inexpensive.

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