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meet mark

22 Apr

mark., by Avon, is one of my favorite places to find trendy jewelry and accessories. They also have trendy clothing, make up and bath and body products. The best part is that all of their products are affordable. They are always adding new products to their fashion line.

 Here are some of my favorite mark fashion products available right now.



Mark Cosmetics (Avon)


My Fashion Sense #4

9 Apr

Yesterday I shared with you that I like to wear trendy hats to work. Today I decided to continue with that theme and share some of my recent work outfits with hats.


This black hat is my staple hat. I wear it more than any others.

Hat – Mark, Necklace – Mark, Tank – DownEast, Layering Tee – DownEast, Cardigan – DownEast, Jeans – DownEast, Watch – Avon, Ring – Diva Girl Purse Party, Shoes – Payless ShoeSource


 This is the hat I like to wear if I am wearing mostly gray.

Hat – Lu Kels Boutique, Top – Wal-Mart, Layering Tee – DownEast, Cardigan – DownEast, Jeans – DownEast, Watch –, Shoes – Famous Footwear, Necklace – (Sorry, it was a Birthday Gift from a friend. I have no idea where she bought it from).



 This is my new fedora hat. I still feel a little awkward wearing it. I’m not quite use to it yet. I think it is such a cute hat. I love the trendy look it adds to an outfit.

Hat – Body Central, Necklace – Body Central, Top – Wal-Mart, Layering Tee – DownEast, Jeans – DownEast, Vest – Forever 21, Watch – Avon, Shoes – DSW

Trendy Hats

8 Apr
I have to wake up at 3:00 am to go to work. This means I never get enough sleep and I am always tired. For this reason, I am so glad that I work in and office where I can wear hats. I often wear hats to work and sometimes every day. They save me time and let me press that snooze button just one more time.  They are also a great accent to an outfit. This inspired me to share with you places to find your own trendy hats.

First I want to share with you a hat that is huge this season. It is the fedora hat and you can find one pretty much anywhere. Each one has its own unique detail.

Knit Fedora – $12.80 – Forever 21

Forever 21

Woven Flower Fedora – $12.80 – Forever 21

Forever 21

Fedora with Contrasting Band – $9.80 – Body Central

Body Central 

Fierce Fedora - $16.00 - Mark


There are also a lot of different cap style trendy hats. Here are a few of them that I found that I like. You can also check the different websites to find more trendy hats to choose from.


Tattoo Print Cadet Cap - $12.99 - Payless ShoeSource


Camo Cadet Hat - $12.99 - Payless ShoeSource


Lace Newsboy Hat - $12.00 - Maurices

Black and White Plaid Cabbie – $16.99 – Lu Kels Boutique

Lu Kels Boutique

I love wearing hats and I think that everyone should have at least one fun, trendy hat to wear.


My Fashion Sense #3

2 Apr

Last Friday, hubby took me to a movie for my birthday. We watched “The Adjustment Bureau” starring Matt Damon. It was a really good movie and I recommend seeing it. It’s different from all the other movies out right now. Different is good.

My new fedora hat from Body Central finally came in the mail that day so I just had to wear it. This was my going out for my birthday outfit.

Hat – Body Central, Top – Walmart, Layering Tee – DownEast, Cardigan – Kohl’s, Necklace – Body Central, Bracelet Set – Diva Girl Purse Party, Clutch – Payless ShoeSource, Jeggings – Walmart, Sandals – Famous Footwear, Watch –



Fedora Hat

16 Feb

This Fedora Hat is very trendy. I LOVE it! You can get it either in black with a white band or white with a black band. I like the black one the best and will be ordering me one soon. I found it at Body Central.

Fedora with contrasting band $9.80 Body Central

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