What's He Thinking About?

11 Apr

Many times I have wondered what my kids  are thinking about and how they view the world. A few days ago I was watching Peyton play. I couldn’t help but to wonder what he was thinking about as he was driving his cars across the coffee table.


He would drive all the cars to one side of the coffee table and line them up. He used his blocks as some type of obstacle corse.


He then would rearrange the obstacle blocks…


then drive all the cars back to the other side of the coffee table.


Then he would rearrange the blocks again and repeat the whole process. What was he thinking about?


After a few minutes of this, he started lifting each car high in the air then sitting it down on a block . He was watching each car very closely as he did this. What was he thinking about? Was he just mimicking how he sees the world around him? 



Then he gave me a Great Big Smile!


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