Trendy Hats

8 Apr
I have to wake up at 3:00 am to go to work. This means I never get enough sleep and I am always tired. For this reason, I am so glad that I work in and office where I can wear hats. I often wear hats to work and sometimes every day. They save me time and let me press that snooze button just one more time.  They are also a great accent to an outfit. This inspired me to share with you places to find your own trendy hats.

First I want to share with you a hat that is huge this season. It is the fedora hat and you can find one pretty much anywhere. Each one has its own unique detail.

Knit Fedora – $12.80 – Forever 21

Forever 21

Woven Flower Fedora – $12.80 – Forever 21

Forever 21

Fedora with Contrasting Band – $9.80 – Body Central

Body Central 

Fierce Fedora - $16.00 - Mark


There are also a lot of different cap style trendy hats. Here are a few of them that I found that I like. You can also check the different websites to find more trendy hats to choose from.


Tattoo Print Cadet Cap - $12.99 - Payless ShoeSource


Camo Cadet Hat - $12.99 - Payless ShoeSource


Lace Newsboy Hat - $12.00 - Maurices

Black and White Plaid Cabbie – $16.99 – Lu Kels Boutique

Lu Kels Boutique

I love wearing hats and I think that everyone should have at least one fun, trendy hat to wear.



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