Kite Flying Day at School

4 Apr

Last Friday was our elementary school’s annual kite flying day. This is my fourth year since my oldest is now a third grader (wow, he sure is growing up fast).  The day was a perfect day for kite flying. The temperature was about 65 degrees and there was a really nice wind, not too soft not too hard. I left work early that day so I could go. 

Last Monday I took the boys to Wal-Mart to pick out their kite. Both of them decided that they didn’t want a kite with any cartoon characters on them. In the past we have bought Transformer kites. They both ended up liking the same kite. This is Camden with his kite.

I decided I would help my kindergartener with his kite flying first since I figured he would need the most help.We were having a hard time getting his kite to go very high in the air. It almost seemed like it was too heavy. I think we had a lot better luck when we used the cheaper kites.


Plus, it didn’t help that we had to be careful of all the other kite flyers around us.


Camden did have a lot of fun though and that is what matters most.


After I helped Camden get his kite flying, I decided it was time to go find Dylan and see how he was doing. After scanning the playground several times, I finally found him. He’d already given up and taken his kite back to his classroom. He was having the same luck me and Camden had. I was able to get this one good picture of him before he realized I was taking his picture and took off.


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