First Science Fair Project

28 Mar

Last Thursday was our first science fair project. I wasn’t very excited about it when Dylan brought the note home. Him and his brother already had their regular homework to get done. Between homework, having to work full-time and trying to keep up with our house, I wasn’t sure how I was going to add something else to my to-do list. I was so happy when my husband, Justin, volunteered to help with it. I didn’t even have to ask and believe me, I didn’t argue about it at all. He decided that they would do their science fair project on ants and how they communicate.

They used Camden’s ant farm that my parents gave him for Christmas.

It didn’t know until about 30 minutes before the Science Fair started that Justin had entered Camden as Dylan’s partner.

I was a little worried about them getting the science fair project ready on time. Last Monday I picked up a display board. On Wednesday night, Justin, Dylan and Camden got it already and I thought it turned out really good.

Justin typed up some info sheets for them so they knew what to tell people. This helped them to feel more comfortable talking to people because they tend to be a little shy. The sheet said this:

  • What is a scientist who studies ants called? Entomologist
  • How many different ant species are on Earth? About 20,000
  • What colors and sizes are they? Black, Brown and Rust; .25 inches to 1 inch
  • Ants can carry up to fifty times their own weight
  • They can climb trees up to 100 feet high
  • They can move at a speed that compares to a person running 65 miles per hour
  • Ants follow each other using pheromones. They also emit pheromones as an alarm when in danger. This signals others to help.

They also got some pictures from the internet to use and used the poster that came with the ant farm that had info about ants.

After seeing Dylan and Camden sitting at their science fair project, I decided that science fair projects are such a bad thing. Besides them learning from their project, they also learn how to present ideas to others and overcome their shyness. 


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