Best Skinny Jeans

17 Mar

Just a few months ago you wouldn’t have caught me dead in a pair of skinny jeans. After watching a lot of my favorite show, The Daily Dish with Nicea and Reagan, they have grown on me and their all I ever want to wear. Nicea and Reagan always dress so cute and usually in the best skinny jeans. I started wearing skinny jeans last fall when I wanted to start wearing boots for winter. At first I thought I would just wear them with boots because they would be easiest tuck in, but after trying them on I was addicted. Here are some of the best skinny jeans that I found from DownEast Basics.

Miss Slim Skinny Jean - $44.99 - DownEast Basics

The Miss Slim Skinny Jean are the best skinny jeans to start with for someone who is just trying them out for the first time. This is because the darker wash is slimming and the opening on the bottom of the leg is a little wider than most skinny jeans. They are very flattering on many people.

Soul Sister Skinny Jean - $52.99 - DownEast Basics

I also like the Soul Sister Skinny Jeans a lot, but I wouldn’t recommend them for a new comer to skinny jeans. They are much tighter around the ankles.


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