Cyrus Arrested

18 Feb

Our dog, Cyrus, got arrested again by our town dog catcher. This is his second offense. He is a Redbone Hound so he has a very good sence of smell. His nose often gets away from him and before he knows it, hes off too far from our house. The first time he got arrested, he was at the school having recess. Apparently he wasn’t welcome, which I don’t blame them. Lot’s of kids and a strange dog could be a bad mix. This time he was arrested because he found someones cat food and had been snacking on it. I don’t blame them for being upset about that either. Cyrus thinks it’s terrible though because he either has to be on his shock collar or be tied up. The only time he gets to get out is when my husband takes him running with him. Cyrus thinks it’s just plain torture, but its his own fault for taking off and getting into trouble.


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